my SciTE-Page (Win32 / GTK)

Scite-IDE2.60 MB2010-02-13 14:21the main-package containing
  • SciteRu-binaries
  • config-files
  • compile-scripts for delphi and cpp/mak
  • scripts
  • api-files (Scite-lua, delphi, c(++), css, php, batch)
  • abbrevation-files (html,php,js,delphi)
  • Scite-GUI-Extension to handle functions/bookmarks and filemanager (Win32 only)
  • config/scripts modified to work also under Linux (linux binary included)
Tools5.05 MB2010-02-13 10:59some applications i use with scite (Win32 only)
e.g. dfmedit, scite-tm, rfe, tsct, css-gen, hxd, dbgview, xnResourceEditor, html-tidy
C++ Compiler (MinGW)8.39 MB2010-02-13 10:15since Borlands Compiler have problems to compile scite i switched to Mingw.but you can download bcc below
C++ Compiler (BCC)2.88 MB2009-08-17 19:31Borlands FreeCommandlineTools reduced to minimum size (for compiling scite, maybe some includes missing when compiling other applications)
full version (9 MB)
AutoIt34.08 MB2009-08-17 19:32Compiler and includes for the AutoIt3-Script-Language
(originals on

Scite Original written by Neil Hodgson and downloadable at
I use SciTE-Ru (SciTE Ru-Board Edition), you can get the full package here.