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 ===== Kernel ===== ===== Kernel =====
-originaler ​kernel ​lässt sich so laden:+original ​kernel ​can be loaded like this:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
Line 36: Line 36:
 have not got serial console working after uboot... have not got serial console working after uboot...
 +have compiled new kernel like this:
 +export ARCH=arm
 +export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-
 +export LOCALVERSION=-rpi3
 +CPUCORES=$(grep -c processor /​proc/​cpuinfo)
 +make bcm2835_defconfig
 +make -j$CPUCORES zImage modules dtbs 2> >(tee -a build.log >&2)
 +KERNELNAME="​mykernel-"​$(make kernelversion)
 +sudo make  modules_install
 +sudo cp $BOOTFS/​$KERNELNAME.img $BOOTFS/​$KERNELNAME-backup.img
 +sudo cp arch/​arm/​boot/​zImage $BOOTFS/​$KERNELNAME.img
 +sudo cp arch/​arm/​boot/​dts/​bcm2837-rpi-3-b.dtb $BOOTFS/
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