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     * Realtek RTL8367S (<v1.0)     * Realtek RTL8367S (<v1.0)
     * Mediatek MT7531 (>=v1.0)     * Mediatek MT7531 (>=v1.0)
-  * Wifi: bgn on SOC (driver ​WIP), <​del>​MT7615 AC</​del>​ (was dropped due to heat) +  * Wifi: bgn on SOC (driver ​available in my repo), <​del>​MT7615 AC</​del>​ (was dropped due to heat) 
-  * Bluetooth driver ​available, but currently not working on 5.4 (was partially working on 4.19+  * Bluetooth driver working on 5.4 (in my repo
-  * ASM1480 PCIE/​SATA-Multiplexer/​Bridge (selecting PCIE1 or SATA over GPIO90)+  * ASM1480 PCIE/​SATA-Multiplexer/​Bridge (selecting PCIE1/cn8 or SATA over GPIO90)
   * PMIC mt6380   * PMIC mt6380
 {{:​bpi-r64:​bpi-r64_v0.1.jpg?​direct&​400 |v0.1}}{{ :​bpi-r64:​bpi-r64_v1.1.jpg?​direct&​400|v1.1}} {{:​bpi-r64:​bpi-r64_v0.1.jpg?​direct&​400 |v0.1}}{{ :​bpi-r64:​bpi-r64_v1.1.jpg?​direct&​400|v1.1}}
 +===== pcie =====
 +Patches: http://​​t/​bpi-r64-openwrt-kernel-5-4-40-running-from-emmc/​11087/​74
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